Our Service Fees

In addition to each Travel Supplier's cost and fees, Travelner may charge a service fee as described below. All Travelner fees are in US Dollars, charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket basis for flights, per room per night for hotels and per person for tours and packages. All fees are generally non-refundable and are subject to change without notice.

Total charge will be converted in your local currency on the payment page. There may be standard payment processing fees incurred by the bank or the card processing vendor.

Please always refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details


Our Service Fees May Apply To Amount
Online Flight Booking Fees Domestic and International US$0.00 to US$35.00
Per Person per-ticket
Online Hotel Booking Fees All Hotels Up to US$42.00
(per room, per night)
Online Car Rental Booking Fees All Car Rentals Up to US$40.00 
(per rental)
Online Tour Booking Fees All Tours Up to US$50
 (per person per tour)

Certain exceptions to the above service fees apply:

  • Online vacation package booking: Up to US$50 per passenger.
  • Business and First Class Airfares: Up to US$150 per passenger.
  • Multi-city and Open-jaw trips: Up to US$100 per passenger.
  • Cities with high fraud rates: Up to US$40 per passenger
  • Alternate Date & Nearby Airport: Up to US$55 per passenger
  • Fusion Fares/Value Deals: Up to US$100 per passenger.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Tickets: Up to US$100 per passenger.
  • Bookings made through Travelner Support Center may incur a higher service fee than those charged for bookings made online above. These service fees can range from US$10 to US$200 per passenger (up to US$100 for Senior Citizens).

Important Note: All service fees are subject to change without notice. YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FINAL TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGE OR VARIANCE IN THE SERVICE FEES. Please review the total final price carefully.


Flight - Post Ticketing Service Fees

  • Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. A refund is only available if our Travel Suppliers' fare rules allow cancellation and refunds, and we have accepted your request for a refund, you are not a "no show" (most "no show" bookings are in-eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing), and if we are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.
  • Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Airline Refunds/Future credits are subject to airline fare rules, policies and procedures.
  • Name changes on an airline ticket are not allowed. 
  • If you wish to change or cancel flights booked online and paid for using PayPal, you must contact our Customer Service Team. Any fees for such change or cancellation must be made via credit card and will attract the applicable credit card surcharge. 
  • Airline fees also apply where a booking is changed and when tickets or documents are re-issued. Where we incur any liability for an Airline cancellation fee for any booking which you change or cancel, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of that fee. Where you seek a refund for a cancelled booking for which payment has been made to the Airline, we will not provide a refund to you until we receive the funds from that Airline. 
  • Travelner does not control the fees set by the airline and has no authority to waive them.
Cancellation requested within 24 hours of booking
Applies To


International and Business Class

Assisted Cancellation



Cancellation & Refunds beyond 24 hours of booking
Applies To

Air - Economy

Air - Business/First

  Domestic International Domestic International
Assisted Cancellation w/Future Credit US$50 US$50 US$100 US$100
Assisted Cancellation w/Refund US$100 US$250 US$250 US$250

Changes to Existing Tickets (exchange)

Within 10 days of new travel date US$150 US$250 US$250 US$250
Beyond 10 days of new travel date US$100 US$200 US$200 US$250

Special Services

Travelner is able to help you request additional services with the airlines to make your trip more memorable. Please find below the list of services and fees that are charged on top of the applicable airlines’ fees.

Special Services Domestic
Passenger Name Misspelling US$ 50
Baggage Related Service US$ 25
No-Show Services US$ 25
Denied Boarding Services US$ 25
Duplicate Booking Services US$ 25
Advanced Seat Selection US$ 5

Please note:

All Special Services are on a request basis ONLY and are subject to each airline's review and approval process along with their fare rules, policies and procedures. Special Service Fees will be charged upon the provision of the service(s) and will only be refunded if the request is denied by the airline.

  • Name Misspelling - Passengers name on their airline ticket does not match their passport or other universally accepted government ID
  • Visa/Passport - A Visa/Passport decline letter is normally required in order to process a request
  • Baggage - please retain all receipts and baggage tags
  • No- Show - Documentation advising why you were unable to make your scheduled departure will be required
  • Denied Boarding - Documentation as why you were denied boarding of your scheduled departure will be required
  • Duplicate Tickets - Copies of all tickets, reflecting exact same itineraries booked with us will be required in order to process a refund request

Hotel Booking

For changes/cancelations/refunds of Hotel reservation, all Travelner hotel reservation booking fees are non-refundable. Travelner will charge a service fee up to US$25 per room in addition to supplier penalty fees, if any.

Car Rental

For changes/cancelations/refunds of Car reservation, All Travelner car rental reservation booking fees are non-refundable. Travelner will charge a service fee of US$15 in addition to supplier penalty fees, if any.


In the event that changes or a cancellation is allowed for a vacation package, Travelner's service fee for processing such change or cancellation will be US$75 per-passenger, per-ticket for flights, US$25 per room per night for hotel and US$15 for car bookings in addition to any fare difference and any applicable Travel Supplier fees.

Cancel and Refund: In the event that a portion of your vacation package is refundable, the refundable portion thereof will be refunded less any cancellation fee. No refund will be made for any unused or partially used portions of the vacation package.

Other Services 

Travelner may offer other travel products and services featured on our websites or quoted by our Support center. Please ensure you read the associated terms and conditions carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

تخفیف ها و مطالبات پس انداز

تخفیف ها و ادعاهای پس انداز بر اساس عوامل متعددی از جمله جستجو در بیش از 600 شرکت هواپیمایی برای یافتن کمترین کرایه موجود است. کدهای تبلیغاتی نشان داده شده (در صورت وجود) برای صرفه جویی در رزروهای واجد شرایط از هزینه های خدمات استاندارد ما معتبر هستند. سالمندان و جوانان ممکن است کرایه‌های تخفیف ویژه‌ای را پیدا کنند که توسط خطوط هوایی خاص مشروط به شرایط شرکت هواپیمایی ارائه می‌شود. مسافران نظامی، سوگوار و کم بینا واجد شرایط تخفیف در هزینه های خدمات پس از رزرو ما هستند، همانطور که در خط مشی استثناء ترحم ذکر شده در شرایط و ضوابط ما ذکر شده است.

* صرفه جویی بر اساس کرایه های متوسط موجود در Travelner در ماه گذشته. تمام کرایه ها برای بلیط رفت و برگشت است. کرایه‌ها شامل تمام هزینه‌های اضافی سوخت، مالیات و کارمزد، و هزینه‌های خدمات ما می‌شود. بلیط ها غیر قابل استرداد، غیر قابل انتقال، غیر قابل واگذاری هستند. تغییر نام مجاز نمی باشد. کرایه ها فقط در زمان نمایش صحیح است. کرایه های نمایش داده شده ممکن است تغییر کنند، در دسترس هستند و در زمان رزرو نمی توان آنها را تضمین کرد. پایین ترین کرایه ها ممکن است به پیش خرید حداکثر تا 21 روز نیاز داشته باشد. ممکن است تاریخ خاموشی خاصی اعمال شود. تعطیلات و سفرهای آخر هفته ممکن است هزینه اضافی داشته باشند. ممکن است محدودیت های دیگری اعمال شود. با مقایسه خطوط هوایی متعدد در وب سایت ما و انتخاب کمترین کرایه در هزینه خود صرفه جویی کنید.

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