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Book hotel with only 4 steps

Here’s a quick overview of the process, from start to finish.

Search Hotel

Step 1:

Search Hotel

Please enter required information including location (city), proposed dates of stay, and number of guests.

Consider whether or not you require extra services such as a spa, fitness center or free Wifi.

Fill your information

Step 2:

Review options from available hotels, rooms, and rates

Choose from multiple hotel/ room/ rate combinations on the result page that best suits your needs.

Make the payment

Step 3:

Enter guest and payment details

Once you have selected your hotel room, you can reserve it online. Please input the guest’s details including but not limited to full names, addresses, email address and payment details. Various options of payment methods are available such as credit/ debit card, PayPal, and wire transfer.

Book ticket

Step 4 :


You will receive a confirmation email from either the hotel or Travelner for your reservation. Please read carefully the receipt to make sure everything is correct including travel dates and agreed-upon room rates.

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