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15 Jun, 2022

Shark Tank Viet Nam is a prestigious and highly interesting TV show that encourages investors to invest in fledgling start-ups. Season 5 starts with a change in the rules of the "golden ticket" as well as the appearance of Le Hung Anh (also known as Jimmy Lee), the CEO of BIN Corporation Group, promising to bring a lot of helpful advice for start-ups and ready to fund billions for potential start-ups.

Mr.Le Hung Anh, CEO of Travelner Global, joining Shark Tank Season 5

Mr.Le Hung Anh, CEO of Travelner Global, joining Shark Tank Season 5


With ten years of experience in the travel industry, Travelner Viet Nam is delighted to join shark Le Hung Anh in his journey to share and motivate Vietnamese start-ups, as well as to support businesses through reaching future success. Coming to the show as a gold sponsor for Shark Tank Viet Nam season 5, BIN Corporation Group - of which Travelner is the subsidiary - and shark Le Hung Anh aim to help start-ups to choose the right path, reduce the failure rate and increase the success rate in the shortest time.

"When I look at young ambitious start-ups starting a business, I see myself 10 years ago struggling to build and develop the company to achieve success," Shark Le Hung Anh shared about his start-up journey, hope that BIN Corporation Group's worldwide ecosystem will help to implement ideas and create positive social value.

Shark Le Hung Anh is currently a popular name searched widely on social networks after his reveal as a new investor on Shark Tank Viet Nam because of his amiability and candidness in sharing experiences about startups and businesses. This new shark from Quang Nam, Viet Nam, is the founder of BIN Corporation Group with 10 brands working in multi-industries, from corporate consulting, digital advertising, and financial services, to travel services like Travelner. BIN Corporation Group is currently Viet Nam's leading multi-industry corporation, with a global ecosystem of over 1 million individual clients and 30,000 corporate customers.

Shark Le Hung Anh in episode 1 of Shark Tank Viet Nam

Shark Le Hung Anh in episode 1 of Shark Tank Viet Nam

Shark Hung Anh and the BIN Corporation Group team are always striving to develop a business ecosystem that can satisfy all of the demands of customers. Travelner App is a good example of a global expansion strategy of BIN Corporation Group. Customers will find all the travel services needed for your upcoming trip from credible suppliers at the most competitive price in the market on Travelner.

To make BIN Corporation Group becomes a market leader like nowadays, Shark Le Hung Anh believes that the human factor must be a prerequisite to deciding the success or attracting investment of a young start-up: "I want to focus on the people, including the founder and staff. Individuals with vision and leadership skills must be adaptable, clearly describe what they want to do and be willing to make trade-offs, face numerous implementation problems, and take responsibility for their own decisions."


With the efforts and desires to find new potential entrepreneurs of Viet Nam, as well as assist in the realization of bold business ideas, Shark Tank Viet Nam season 5 is expected to invest millions of dollars and long-term commitments for innovative businesses. Coming to the Shark tank Viet Nam, Shark Le Hung Anh shares his investment preferences: "Aside from the human aspect, which must always come first in any organization, the company I invest in needs to have 3 key factors: Globalization, Technology application, and Digital transformation."

Shark Le Hung Anh focuses on start-ups that have 3 factors: Globalization, Technology application, and Digital transformation

Shark Le Hung Anh focuses on start-ups that have 3 factors: Globalization, Technology application, and Digital transformation

Viewers can see that this new “shark” joining the Shark Tank is fierce and ready to close the deal for innovative business ideas through the 2 first episodes of Shark Tank Viet Nam season 5. The first episode aired with well-prepared start-up ideas, particularly Jungle Boss' adventure has caught shark Hung Anh's attention, with the hope to collaborate with Travelner and come up with an exciting new travel product. In episode 2, Shark Hung Anh is currently the leading shark in the race to attract start-ups with two wins: Shondo sandals and Delta X arms. Shark Hung Anh shared the reason he invested in these projects is that he can see the youth and the burning ambition of these young start-ups.


Travelner, a subsidiary of BIN Corporation Group, is a modern travel platform that provides convenient travel solutions for global travelers. Travelner gives customers the most enjoyable trip planning experience, from booking air tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals, to other services such as travel combos, international travel insurance, travel advice, and destination information,... all integrated on a single platform.

Travelner is proud to be a product of Vietnamese intelligence

Travelner is proud to be a product of Vietnamese intelligence

Predicting the potential of the post-pandemic tourism industry with current technology trends, Travelner was born with the mission of being a smart travel solution, combining two factors tourism and technology to meet the needs of global travelers. “The application of information technology when the tourism industry is gradually recovering from the pandemic is very important for Vietnamese tourism in general, and or the company in particular. I hope that with a Vietnamese-branded travel agency like Travelner, customers can easily find information about flights, tours, and accommodation, and at the same time understand the quality and cost of each service transparently and clearly.” - Shark Hung Anh shared.

Travelner and Shark Le Hung Anh hope to find new interesting business models, especially in the field of tourism, to build a big tourism ecosystem founded by Vietnamese people. BIN Corporation Group in general, and Travelner in particular, aspires to be a solid launch pad accompanying Vietnamese start-ups on their journey to conquering new business paths, achieving huge profits, and becoming successful investors in the future.

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