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Is international travel insurance necessary?

International traveling demand is increasing, especially at the peak of technology and information. The volume of international travelers and flights per day has become overwhelming. So, problems with flight status and necessary documents are very frequent. Unexpected cases that most international travelers shared include:

  • Hospital room and board expense
  • COVID-19 Medical Expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip delay and interruption
  • Lost Baggage

Wherever your adventure takes you, international travel insurance can help you travel with peace of mind. Contact Travelner for assistance.

The Advantage of Having a Travel Insurance

Fulfill required documents for visa application

Fulfill required documents for visa application

Trip delay, trip interruption, lost baggage covered.

Trip delay, trip interruption, lost baggage covered.

Protect your benefit from the pandemic.

Protect your benefit from the pandemic.

Peace of mind when medical treatment is needed.

Peace of mind when medical treatment is needed.

Best Travel Insurance Plans for Travelers

These selective Travel Insurance Plans are chosen by our team being experts on international travel consultants


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US$ 119.00 US$ 59.00
  • Covid-19: Included
  • Policy Maximum: US$ 50,000.00
  • Cancelable: Yes
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US$ 149.00 US$ 79.00
  • Covid-19: Included
  • Policy Maximum: US$ 50,000.00
  • Cancelable: Yes
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US$ 199.00 US$ 139.00
  • Covid-19: Included
  • Policy Maximum: US$ 50,000.00
  • Cancelable: Yes
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*The price listed above is the service charge reference price; we have various preferred policies, and the complete cost will be provided to you when you make an order

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Travel insurance not only reimburses expenses incurred due to incidents but is also a compulsory requirement upon entry in most countries in the world. Therefore, travel insurance is necessary for your international travel.

You can purchase travel insurance on the booking form before you complete the booking payment. If this option is not available you might contact us directly to buy travel insurance after receiving a booking confirmation.

In most cases, the way travel insurance works will be that clients are reimbursed by the insurance company after submitting the claim and is approved. The claim form must include evidence of the risks and losses you have experienced so that the insurance company can verify and reimburse according to regulations.

Any medical conditions you knew about and that existed before your departure is considered “pre-existing”. Travel insurance rates are calculated on people being in relatively good and stable health. So, you could risk receiving partial or no coverage at all if a medical issue occurs and you haven’t declared a pre-existing condition. Some unexpected recurrences in the duration of insurance will be specified in the terms of travel insurance packages.

The purpose of travel insurance is to protect you against the unexpected. Travel insurance is a plan to protect the health and finances of you and your family when traveling or on business. With travel insurance, you will be covered for medical treatment in an emergency, including medical expenses related to Covid-19. In addition, you will also be insured to cover fees related to flight delays or cancellations and lost luggage. Travel insurance is an important decision for anyone traveling.

Yes, when booking travel insurance for multiple countries, please select "multiple countries" on the quote form.

In general, you can buy travel insurance at any time before the date of your trip. It is not too late to buy travel insurance and it depends on your situation. However, it is always a good idea to purchase travel insurance as soon as you make your reservations. You will be protected and may be eligible for more benefits the sooner you purchase Travel insurance international.

Travel insurance can include many specific types of coverage. Travelner provides two main categories of types of travel insurance including:
- Safe Travel International
- Safe Travels International Cost Saver

If you don’t have travel insurance, you will have to pay for any problems that arise during the trip, which may include:

  • Medical expenses: injuries or sicknesses caused by environmental hazards that necessitate medical treatment, hospital stays, and doctor visits.
  • Emergencies: emergency transportation, medical evacuations, and traffic accidents.
  • Flight-related costs: flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage,...
  • Arisen Expenses for valuable assets and personal documents such as passports or visas.

Travel insurance international medical is a type of reimbursement for damages and risks incurred when traveling, such as paying for medical care abroad, COVID-19 treatment costs, medical evacuation, travel disruptions, baggage loss, and a host of additional advantages. When you apply for travel insurance through Travelner, you will be paid a maximum of 50,000 USD. With Travelner, all of your risks are guaranteed and promptly reimbursed in the shortest time possible.

Let's look at travel insurance advantages and disadvantages with Travelner.
Advantages of Travel insurance:

  • Medical expenses are covered by travel insurance.
  • Changes to the trip itinerary are covered by travel insurance.
  • Travel insurance safeguards you from financial losses when traveling.
Disadvantages of travel insurance:
  • Travel insurance can be expensive
  • Potentially unable to cover pre-existing diseases
  • Every travel insurance policy has its loopholes. Some expenses are rejected even when they are not eliminated.

Customers cannot get travel insurance without medical cover at this time because our international travel insurance only provides full coverage, which includes hospital room and board expenses, COVID-19 medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip delay and interruption, and lost baggage, to ensure perfect trips for travelers.

Yes. you can get travel insurance the day before you travel. However, you should buy cheap international travel insurance as soon as possible, at least 14 to 21 days before the trip, to ensure the complete protection and benefits you may be eligible for

The best travel insurance for over 60 will depend on their specific needs and preferences. Several factors to consider when choosing travel insurance for over 60 like its coverage ( medical expenses, trip cancellations, and baggage loss), pre-existing conditions, the cost for the package, and the reputation of the company. Travelner is now a partner of Trawick International, which is voted as one of the best insurance firms. We provide the best travel insurance for over 60 with affordable rates.

Travelers aged between 18 and 44 years old tend to buy travel insurance more frequently, as they are often more likely to travel for leisure or for personal reasons. Additionally, older travelers may be more likely to have established medical coverage. It is also worth noting that travel insurance can be beneficial for travelers of all ages, as it can provide peace of mind and financial protection of unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage.

Yes, you can get travel insurance under 18. Some travel insurance providers offer policies specifically designed for minors, and some even offer coverage for children as young as a few days old. However, the specific terms and conditions, such as coverage amounts and exclusions, may vary between insurance providers, so it is important to carefully read and understand the details of the policy before purchasing it.

It depends on the specific travel insurance policy. Some travel insurance provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, which can include costs related to a best travel insurance family. However, the definition of "family emergency" and the specific expenses covered may vary between insurance providers. Also, some travel insurance policies have exclusions and limitations, such as exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions so you need to review the policy carefully before purchasing it.

There are numerous insurance package options available, allowing tourists to choose the best one for their trip. You can get travel insurance on the Travelner website or app. We are currently a partner of Trawick International, which Forbes voted as one of the best travel insurance companies. We provide the best travel insurance with the maximum liability of up to 50,000 USD with affordable rates.

No, not all credit cards offer travel insurance. Travel insurance is a benefit that is offered by some credit card issuers, but not all of them. Whether or not a credit card offers travel insurance is determined by the issuer, and can vary widely between different cards and issuers.

There are some countries requiring travel insurance as a condition of entry. This requirement can vary depending on the country and the type of visa you are applying for. Some countries that require travel insurance are: The 26 countries in the Schengen Area, Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, Singapore, Nepal,... Moreover, the travel insurance will cover for most unexpected risks such as trip cancellations or interruptions, baggage losses, medical expenses,.... That ensures a safe trip for travelers.

Travel insurance for a month can vary greatly depending on several factors, including journey's length, the number of travelers, their ages, and the type of coverage offered by the plan. Tourists should expect fees to rise as their passageways expand, more services are provided, and more people are protected.

If you are applying to get travel insurance, the process is usually straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You will need to provide some basic information, such as your destination, travel dates, and personal details, and then select the coverage options you need. Once you've completed the application and made payment, you'll receive a confirmation of coverage and a copy of your policy by email.

If you want to claim travel insurance, you should complete our standardized claim form along with other necessary documents needed to prove your travel insurance claim. Then submit them to the address listed on the form. The claims team will review them and announce the results to you as soon as possible.

Travel insurance for vacation rentals is a type of insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events that may occur during your vacation rental stay. This can include trip cancellations or interruptions, medical emergencies, accidental injury, lost or stolen property, and more. The coverage is designed to protect travelers from financial losses and other issues that may arise during their trip.

Travelers should purchase travel insurance for trips. Travel insurance will assist travelers in cutting costs in unexpected situations such as flight delays or cancellations, abroad hospital expenses, and lost luggage. There are numerous insurance packages available on the market to satisfy the various requirements of travelers. Travelner recommends two type of travel insurance packages that are popular among travelers, including

  • Safe travel international highlights
  • Safe travel international cost saver highlights

Travel insurance for international flights is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended for all travelers because it can give you peace of mind and financial protection, especially if you are traveling to a foreign country where the cost of medical care or other expenses can be high. It can also help you recover your expenses if you lose your baggage, need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to covered reasons, such as a sudden illness or death of a family member.

Although it is not required for overseas travel, travel insurance for international travel is strongly necessary for travelers. Travel insurance offers security against unanticipated occurrences that can happen while you're away, including trip interruptions or cancellations, medical emergencies, lost or stolen belongings, and more. Having insurance can give you peace of mind and financial security because these disasters might be expensive and disturb your trip.

The change fee for travel insurance at Travelner includes the difference fee for each insurance package as well as any extra fees. Each fee will differ based on the requirements of the trip, the number of visitors, and their ages,... You can get more information about this fee and the most thorough advice by getting in touch with Travelner.

The cost of 6 months travel insurance can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of coverage you choose, your age, your travel destination(s), the length of your trip, and any pre-existing medical conditions you may have.

Some travel insurance policies cover redeposit fees, but not all. Travel insurance reimbursement redeposits fees may vary depending on the policy and provider. It is critical to carefully review the policy terms and conditions and confirm with the provider whether and under what conditions they cover redeposit fees. It is also important to note that coverage for redeposit fees may be subject to certain limitations and exclusions, so it is critical to understand the policy's specifics before purchasing it.

The typical cost of travel insurance can vary widely depending on several factors, including the traveler's age, the length and destination of the trip, the level of coverage selected, and any pre-existing medical conditions the traveler may have. However, some policies can be purchased for as low as a few dollars per day, while more comprehensive coverage can cost much more. It's essential to shop around and compare policies to find the best coverage at a price that fits your budget.

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