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What documents do we need to submit to get an E-ticket?

To book your ticket with the correct information, please send us some documents to double-check the information with the Airlines.

1. Passport COPY of Passengers

2. Residence card/ Visa/ Driver license of Card Holder

If the information on your booking is not correct, you can not travel. Therefore, verifying information is an important step to issuing the ticket for you.

We guarantee that all your information is protected and deleted after issue the ticket.

** Guideline to scan/take the photo of your passport

To take a photo of your passport easier, please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Put your passport on flat ground ( ex: on a table, on a chair, on bed…).

Step 2: Use your smartphone or camera to take a photo of your passport ( the page with your personal information).

Step 3: Attach photos in the email and send them to [email protected]

Guideline to scan/take the photo of your passport

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