Vietnam welcoming international tourists - Opportunities and Challenges in the summer of 2022

03 Jun, 2022

After 2 years of the pandemic, Vietnam has been improving the tourism business after widely spreading the vaccine. Many priority policies have been proposed to promote domestic tourism as part of the strategy to welcome international travelers, and to help Vietnam's tourism industry get back to its golden era.

Strategies to boost local tourism

Overview of the summer tourism conference on May 14th, 2022

Overview of the summer tourism conference on May 14th, 2022

According to the government's tourism-recovery strategy, one of the most important industries of our country, on March 15th, a good signal for Vietnam's tourism industry when the government implements the plan that Vietnam welcomes international tourists according to the policy of: "Flexible adaptation, safely and effectively control of the COVID-19 epidemic". Ho Chi Minh City is one of eight pilot provinces with the hope of stimulating domestic tourism and welcoming millions of tourists in 2022.

Because of the spectacular recovery of the tourism industry since Vietnam opened to welcome international travelers, travel companies now need to invest in digital transformation. Travel services such as searching for a variety of flights, booking hotels and resorts at good prices, and supporting customers' various needs should all be integrated into a travel application. Besides, other travel services such as visa assistance, in-trip transportations, and trip information support for customers during traveling are also customers’ top concerns. This is one of the most important factors in increasing client happiness and providing the most enjoyable experience.

Travel enterprises have to discover ways to generate tourism demand and attract more tourists to maintain a leading position in the Vietnamese tourism industry. In addition, travel businesses need to proactively propose measures to stimulate tourism demand in a specific way.

Currently, travel businesses are offering extremely preferential and attractive policies for tourists in the summer of 2022, in order to effectively stimulating domestic tourism, such as Tour discounts when registering in bulk for companies or organizations, and partnering with airlines to provide affordable prices for all travelers. Simultaneously, travel companies cooperate with hotel and apartment suppliers to offer incentives on various days of the month to achieve better room rates and increase demand for individual travel. The government assists in the regulation of restaurants and food services to avoid travel rip-off that negatively affect the tourism business.

Solutions to stimulate domestic tourism and bring the highest satisfaction to customers

Mr. Tue - Operations Director of Travelner Vietnam

Mr. Tue - Operations Director of Travelner Vietnam

Vietnam is now open to international visitors is a good signal for travel companies, including Travelner. This makes the travel businesses return stronger than ever with innovative solutions to stimulate domestic tourism this summer and effectively boost tourism demand. Travelner, after understanding all the requirements to have safe and cheap trips, has integrated all smart utilities, making it easier for consumers to access straight on their phones. Customers can get immediate assistance no matter where they are.

At Travelner, the customers will find reasonably priced flights from more than 600 airline partners across the world, as well as comfortable, secure lodging to satisfy travelers.

Information consulting services are also integrated with support services by Travelner, ensuring to bring customers a convenient, fast solution, before and during their trip. In addition, health and safety are also important criteria that Travelner wants to bring to customers through the Covid insurance service package with benefits up to USD 50,000.

Travelner’s social commitments with Vietnam's tourism industry

Travelner was created to provide customers with good values and memorable experiences. With the cradle being a product of Vietnamese wisdom, Travelner hopes to bring positive contributions to society, especially in Vietnam's tourism industry. Travelner is dedicated to contribute in stimulating domestic tourism demand and develop the Vietnamese tourism industry following the government's policy, according to government’s instruction of "Vietnam welcomes international visitors".

Travelner aims at contributing to the global tourism industry and Vietnamese tourism’s, creating a strong and sustainable development and bringing wonderful values to society.

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