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France Travel Guide

France travel guidelines 2022: Get ready for the next vacation right away

France has long been a tourist destination, attracting visitors with its classic Gothic architecture and long-standing culture. According to Atout France, In September and October this year, the number of hotel reservations in France will be predicted to increase by 4-5% compared to the same period in 2021, indicating that “The City of Light” will be a tourist attraction in the second half of the year. Let’s follow France travel guidelines to update the most comprehensive travel experiences!

France is one of the world’s most modern nations to visit

France is one of the world’s most modern nations to visit

Note down the best time of year to go to France.

France has a temperate climate and four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with relatively different temperatures between seasons. The best time of year to go to France is in September when the country is transitioning from summer to autumn.

The average temperature in September will be around 20 degrees Celsius, retaining some of the remaining summer sunshine. Furthermore, September is a popular month for special entertainment programs such as the Lille Flea Market festival, the Ravel festival alongside the Atlantic coast, and wine tours in the famous Bordeaux region.

September, October, and November are awesome periods to visit France

September, October, and November are awesome periods to visit France.

France in October and November are also ideal for a trip around when the country is getting cooler, with every street corner full of leaves and peace - the best time of year to go to France. During the White Nights festival, which fills all of Paris' urban areas, you will enjoy autumn in the chilly climate. In addition, major events such as the Oktoberfest Beer Festival, Halloween, and the Dijon International Food Fair will be highlighted in visitors' journeys to discover the City of Light.

Don’t miss out on those best places to travel in France.

France has a reputation for its typical marvelous constructions, including Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre-Dame de Paris. Besides, our France travel guidelines suggest other famous destinations that international tourists should not miss.

Nestling right back on the coast of Normandy is the Mon Saint-Mitchel oasis. It possesses unspoiled beauty with medieval buildings built by a highly professional class. When visiting this oasis, you should not ignore the brand "La Mère Poulard," which serves a rustic omelet, then wander around to see the ancient museums hidden within the quiet streets and watch the sunset on the stone walls of this natural wonder of the world.

Unspoiled and ancient Mont Saint-Michel oasis

Unspoiled and ancient Mont Saint-Michel oasis

In line with our France travel guidelines, Bordeaux is unquestionably the best place to travel in France if you crave dynamism. Bordeaux, a port city in France's southwestern region, is the famous wine capital, exporting millions of bottles of wine with esoteric recipes yearly. Visitors can also visit the Grand Theater, which features over 300 years of Greek artistic style, or the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, which features a variety of oil paintings and an outdoor space designed as a one-of-a-kind garden.

Bordeaux, France’s most important port city

Bordeaux, France’s most important port city

The construction dubbed Europe’s symbol of wealth and power - The Palace of Versailles proposed by Travelner’s France travel guidelines is the last destination you should not ignore. It is the former royal residence located 20 kilometers west of Paris which was initially built in 1624 by King Louis XIII, following classical norms such as symmetry between implementation equipment, sculptural furniture, and bold European pattern sculpture on a white and gold background. Inside the palace, large rooms with open spaces and corridors lined with hundreds of paintings can be found throughout the palace.

This is a tremendous cultural work - the best place to travel in France on foot.

The Palace of Versailles combines classical beauty with power

The Palace of Versailles combines classical beauty with power.

France travel requirements for first-time visitors

France travel requirements are pretty simple; passengers only need to meet one of the mandatory conditions, which is to inject three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or to obtain a certificate of COVID-19 test by PCR method within 72 hours. If a passenger has been infected with COVID-19, a certificate of recovery must be obtained within six months from the date of infection.

Furthermore, a visa is one of the necessities for France travel requirements. Visitors must present essential documents such as a valid passport, citizen identification, curriculum vitae, etc. Simultaneously, it is necessary to demonstrate the trip's purpose and financial proofing with a minimum budget of US$ 5,000.

Simple and easy processes in France's entry requirements

Simple and easy processes in France's entry requirements

Despite its easy entry procedures, France remains a European country in the Schengen area with fairly stringent travel insurance requirements. Our France travel guidelines recommend that travelers should purchase travel insurance for any EU trips. Travelner travel insurance, with a maximum liability of USD 50,000, will assist you in avoiding risks associated with flight delays or cancellations, medical expenses abroad, and COVID-19 treatment costs.

Tourists who may be concerned about their next trip can access the monthly Travelner newsletter to stay updated on the latest news about French tourism in the France travel guidelines category. Travelner will always be with you every step of the way to ensure that tourists have the safest and most convenient trips possible.

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