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Is it possible to order an extra bed/baby cot and how much will it be?

Extra beds may not be available at some hotels and each has its own extra bed policy and price, therefore it’s necessary to always check it in order to find out if the extra bed will be possible or not. Please note that the price for extra beds may not be included in the total price for accommodation.

If you wish to add an extra bed or baby cot, you can add your requests in the Special Requests section when booking. If your request is not included in our Special Requests options, please note it in the Others section to inform us. Keep in mind that any type of extra bed or baby cot is upon request basis only and has to be confirmed by the accommodation after your reservation. We cannot guarantee to fulfill all of your requests.

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Discounts and Savings Claims

Discounts and savings claims are based on multiple factors, including searching over 600 airlines to find the lowest available fare. Promo codes shown (if any) are valid for savings for qualified bookings off our standard service fees. Seniors and youth may find specific discounted fares offered by certain airlines subject to airline qualifications. Military, bereavement, and visually impaired travelers are eligible for discounts off our post-booking service fees as outlined in the compassion exception policy, mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.

* Savings based on median fares found on Travelner last month. All fares are for round-trip tickets. Fares include all fuel surcharges, taxes & fees, and our service fees. Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-assignable. Name changes are not permitted. Fares are only correct at the time of display. Displayed fares are subject to change, availability and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. The lowest fares may require an advance purchase of up to 21 days. Certain blackout dates may apply. Holidays and weekend travel may have a surcharge. Other restrictions may apply. Save money by comparing multiple airlines within our website and choosing the lowest fare.

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